Gluten Free(DOM)

We are a Mother daughter team both gluten free and one who is lactose! We have been going strong for 5+ years now and through trial and error have learned the good and the bad!

Restaurant Review: Tommy Bahama

IMG-20130527-00485Tommy Bahamas has been  a tradition in my family, as a must see spot whenever we travel to Naples, FL. My grandparents have had a house down there for years. We grew up traveling down there the day after Christmas every year. The vacation is always filled with tennis, good food and laying in the sun! True relaxation! 🙂

Tommy Bahamas is amazing! If you are not gluten free their Crab Bisque is to to DIE For! (Sorry this is coming from the gluten free daughter :/ )

Anyways right now my mom and dad are down there celebrating their 34th Wedding Anniversary! WAHOOO! My mom sent me this picture while eating there and she said it was AMAZING! It’s called the Grilled Corvina it has Kiwi Relish, Prickly Pear Glaze, Coconut Sticks. To check out the rest of their menu click HERE.

Old Naples
1220 Third Street South
Naples, FL 34102

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