Gluten Free(DOM)

We are a Mother daughter team both gluten free and one who is lactose! We have been going strong for 5+ years now and through trial and error have learned the good and the bad!

Recipe: Summertime Water


I made this for the shower too and everyone thought it was delicious. The ingredients sound a little weird but its good I promise!

1/2 container of strawberries (could also use raspberries)
2 limes
1/2 cup sliced cucumbers
1/4 cup mint leafs

Dice up the strawberries and then take half of them and mash them up. Then squeeze the juice of the limes and combine all of the ingredients together in a pitcher. Add enough water to fill the pitcher. Then taste to add more of any ingredients.

I mixed this together about an hour before and I think the longer it sat the better it tasted.

Truly refreshing!


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